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If your Dell Laptop is Locked By the BIOS password Protection and
When you turn it on it says:

" This computer system, XXXXXXX-595B is protected by a password  authantication system. You
cannot access the data without the correct password ''

It means you need the Bios Password to Unlock it, so get it now, we can help you unlock your
You will receive your bios password in your email within 2 hours or less
When making the Payment Turn on your Dell laptop and send us the full numbers displayed on
the screen using the form on PayPal button below or send it by e-mail to
Note: in this section you are buying the primary or Administrator password, this password will unlock the Dell Latitude
D400 motherboard, This will give you full access to the bios setup page.

Help With Dell Latitude D400 BIOS - Primary Password .
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