Remove Dell XPS Bios password
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* After making the payment, turn on your Laptop and send the
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Recover Dell XPS Bios password
When making the Payment Turn on your Dell laptop and   
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More About Dell XPS Password Security

Laptops in general have much better hardware security than PCs. Some of them even come with fingerprint reader built in.

Most laptops come with a very strong BIOS password capability that locks up the hardware and makes the laptop completely
unusable. And when it comes to the dell XPS you already know it has one of the hardest security to bypass, this is the password
that has to be entered before the operating system loads, usually on white screen that displays the service tag number ending
with 595B or 2A7B

Laptops store the BIOS password in a special chip, sometimes even hidden under the CPU, that is not affected when the rest of
the BIOS settings are reset. This makes the removal of a BIOS password on a laptop almost impossible. And the Best way to
unlock these laptop is using the BIOS Primary Password which is offered on the top of this page.

Dell can generate a “Primary Password” for a particular laptop (from their service tag) So can we, only we make it
much easier with no question asked.  BIOS password can still be reset , usually by shorting two solder points on the
motherboard or by plugging a special plug in the printer port, etc. But it is very risky.
How do you manually Unlock your Dell Laptop?

To remove Dell Primary password manually: If you are  Computer technicians with
superior knowledge, open the laptop, and find the Chip
24C02 on the motherboard,
Short circuit the legs 3 and 6 during booting,  See picture attached, This
same chip is located in different position in different dell laptop motherboards, Using
a bent paperclip at an angle short circuit pins 3 and 6. when the
24c02 bios chip
is not found
you may also look for chip 24c04 and 24c05 Short circuit during
booting . only leg 3 and 6 should be used as shown on picture on right ->
When Short circuiting legs 3 and 6 fails, you may want to try short circuit
legs 4 and 5, additionally try jumping legs 3 an 7,  but do know this,
if you
use this information you are doing it at your own risk, it is dangerous, and
you may burn the motherboard, and we are not reponsable for anything,
we recommend buying our Primary Password to unlock your dell laptop
With the laptop turned off, position the bent paper clip on the Bios chip
proper legs, and then turn on the laptop, this will cause a short circuit in the
Bios chip and reset the password.
resetting dell bios password old school style
resetting dell bios password manually
dell xps primary password removal services